Saimdang Lee Young-ae Left Song Seung-heon In Spite of Great Love (Saimdang Episode 24)

By Emily Ko / 2017.04.20

In episode 24 of SBS drama ‘Saimdang, Light's Diary’ broadcasted on 19th, Min Chi-hyung (Choi Chul-ho) tried to kill Prince Uiseong at the command of King Joongjong (Choi Jong-hwan).  At the end of the fierce confrontation between the two, the prince first cut Min Chi-hyung.

Meanwhile, Saimdang was held by Min Chi-hyung’s subordinates. Whieumdang found and released her. Saimdang wondered “why.” Whieumdang said, “My husband will be sentenced to death for treason because he communicated secretly with the Japanese enemy. Then my children will be dragged into government slaves. My children, I beg you for my poor children.”

The angry Prince Uiseong found King Joongjong. King asked, “Yes, did you come to kill or to die?” “When you came to this place, you did not come to live," said Prince Uiseong.

Prince Uiseong cried out, “Why did you do that? Why did you do that to Saimdang and me?” “You are the one challenged Dragon’s wrath,” answered King Joongjong.

“It was not for the throne or treason,” said Uiseong. “How did the dragon ook for the life of a frail woman?”

King Joongjong responded, “I warned you, do not try to do politics. All of this is caused by your rash ideas,” he continued, “Because I've seen it with my own eyes that I can be dragged and killed by my servants, just like King Yeonsan overthrown.”

Furious Uiseong shouted, “Overthrow, overthrow, how long will you be hiding in the shade of overthrown king?”

Joongjong picked up the knife saying, "All of this is because of you, I was just trying to keep the beginning of this country and the dignity of the king."

Uiseong grabbed the blade with his bare hands and said, “Shut it out! Is it so important? to take away the lives of innocent people?”

At that time, crown prince ran and begged, “Father Majesty, please save prince Uiseong. Please stop here.” Prince Uiseong swallowed the tears of remorse and dropped the knife and left the palace.

Joongjong ordered to arrest Uiseong for treason and to shut down Saimdang’s Ryangrujiso operated by drifting people.

Saimdang heard that prince Uiseong was in danger of dying for treason. She came back home but sobbed loudly seeing her husband Lee Won-soo (Yoon Da-hoon) and his pregnant concubine Kwon (Kim Min-hee) were sitting in the main room.

Her children told Saimdang, “Didn’t you say you wanted to see Mt. Kumgang? Why don’t you go there and draw or do something? Go to Mt. Kumgang.” She felt sorry for her children but left for Mt. Kumgang. She found peace by drawing pictures at Mt. Kumgang. Following Saimdang, prince Uiseong also headed for Mt. Kumgang.

Saimdang Lee Young-ae Left Song Seung-heon In Spite of Great Love (Saimdang Episode 24)

Finally, they have met each other. She dropped her brush in amazement. Uiseong said, “It's okay, everything is okay.” Saimdang shed tears and delivered her sorrowful heart, “because of me, you became a sinner.”

Uiseong said, “Stay with me just for three days. Shall we keep the promise to draw pictures together at Mt. Kungang even now?” They spent a happy time painting together.

However, Saimdang left Uiseong with a letter at night. “I thought I wanted to leave with you, holding your hands, but if I do, my children will live with rumors about me. I am not confident to live as a mother who has forsaken her own children. I chose to live as a mother and I won’t regret my choice. The relationship that couldn’t be continued in this life, I wonder, if it would be gone more in next life...I have loved you, more than heartbreak.”

Prince Uiseong cried out her name in sorrow, "Saimdang! Saimdang!!"


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