Will 'Warcraft 4' End 'World of Warcraft''s Run?

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.20

Fans have been hankering for a sequel to possibly one of the greatest RTS games ever, "Warcraft 3." The talk about "Warcraft 4" has been going on since the third game ended, and now fans are wondering if an RTS game can co-exist with the state of the current "World of Warcraft" lore.

Can "Warcraft 4" and "World of Warcraft" Co-Exist?

The question, according to MMOExaminer, was recently brought up over at the Blizzard forums (formerly Battle.net).

Forumer Acnapyx asked: Can a "World of Warcraft" and a future "Warcraft" RTS title co-exist without messing with each other's lore, or will a new "Warcraft 4" end "World of Warcraft"'s run?

The question got quite a bit of mixed reaction from the "Warcraft" community.One forumer said that "Warcraft 4" and "World of Warcraft" can totally co-exist, as it would be better to tell a story in an RTS game than in an MMO.

"Warcraft 4 can tackle a storyline completely in parallel to WoW," another "Warcraft" player, Djikstra, commented, "like the other side of Azeroth and WoW could expand on it down the road.

Some, however, are not too keen on the idea of both "Warcraft 4" and "World of Warcraft" co-existing, and the only way that "Warcraft 4" can continue with the lore is if "World of Warcraft" ends. "It'd probably be too complex for current Blizz to be able to tell two separate stories," forumer Bálor said.

Our Thoughts

Theoretically speaking, it is possible for an RTS and an MMO from the same franchise to co-exist. As some of the forumers pointed out, however, it is quite a risk given the complexity and the current form of "Warcraft" lore, especially in "World of Warcraft." Thus, the possibility of not being able to keep up with each other's storyline, or worse, messing up with each other's lore is a very possible scenario.

It is more sensible to think that Blizzard is instead preparing to pass the baton onto a future "Warcraft" RTS title through "World of Warcraft," which means the rise of "Warcraft 4" may very well end the MMO.

But let's be real, the real question here is if Blizzard is planning on making "Warcraft 4" in the first place. There is no doubt that Blizzard is considering it, but as Blizzard CEO told Game Informer last year, a new "Warcraft" RTS is not a priority.

With that said, we probably shouldn't be worrying about "Warcraft 4" possibly ending "World of Warcraft"yet. We will eventually know if the two games can co-exist, but not for a couple more years.

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