FOX Boss Assures ‘Wayward Pines’ Season 3 is NOT Cancelled, BUT…

By Diana T. / 2017.04.20

It seems like fans will have to wait a little longer for the return of “Wayward Pines” as discussions for a possible third season are still underway.

Despite uncertainties, FOX Chairman Gary Newman assured that they will try to give the mystery series another shot despite its poor performance during its sophomore run.

““Wayward [Pines]” is not cancelled, but it will not be on this summer” he told Deadline. ““Wayward [Pines] didn’t come together quickly enough for us to have it this summer; there have been discussions about casting.”

Newman continued, “We’re still talking about it. It’s possible you’ll see “Wayward [Pines] at some point back on FOX. But we are focusing a little bit more heavily on unscripted this summer.

The FOX chairman was referring to non-scripted or reality programs like “Kicking & Screaming” which premiered last March 9. Aside from the new reality competition, the network also renewed “American Grit” for its second season starting on June 11.

Although the future of “Wayward Pines” is still up in the air, Dana Walden revealed they have prepared a “compelling plan” for a possible renewal of the show. The FOX CEO even approved of the idea, but stated that they are still waiting until they have all the pieces together.

“We don’t know yet what we’re going to find when the multi-platform numbers roll up, ultimately how big that audience [can be],” she added.

As of the moment, neither of the two has confirmed nor denied the renewal of “Wayward Pines.” If all goes well, the TV adaptation of Blake Crouch’s trilogy is expected to dig deeper on the characters of female Abbies introduced during the previous season.

Not only that, the exciting backstories of several characters are more than enough to keep the show running for another installment. Stay tuned for more updates on the renewal of “Wayward Pines” Season 3.

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