Former EXO Member Luhan Issues Stern Warning against Chinese Paparazzi on Recent Rumors

By Diana T. / 2017.04.20

Luhan has become the newest target of Zhuo Wei, opularly known as China’s best paparazzi.

Earlier this week, Zhuo Wei revealed that he is currently tailing a famous male celebrity. Although he refused to namedrop, the paparazzi, however, said that his name starts with letter “L.”

The clue was more than enough to raise the curiosity of the fans who were quick to speculate that the Chinese paparazzi was referring to Luhan, a former member of EXO.

After getting a surge of comments on his Weibo account, Zhuo Wei finally revealed the identity of the person behind the item.

"We don't give up. Insiders say that Luhan has a girlfriend and a child,” the Chinese reporter replied to a commenter.

Luhan, on the other hand, has decided to break his silence in a recent interview. In fact, the former EXO member has some strong words for Zhuo Wei and all those who are spreading false claims about him.

"A certain someone [is] talking nonsense. I'll admit that you're China's #1. You're China's #1. I'll admit this,” he said as per Allkpop. “You all should know who I'm talking about. I'm impressed. Super impressed."

The singer even challenged the Chinese paparazzi to find his rumored girlfriend and child to see if they ever exist. Despite his frustration on the recent controversy, Luhan tried to keep his cool and decided to dedicate his song “Roleplay" to Zhuo Wei.

"You're crazy boy. I can just gift them this song. Do it again, I'll lock your mouth,” he cited the lyrics of his newest single.

Earlier reports stated Luhan personally participated in the composition of “Roleplay,” a song that heavily slams sasaengs or stalker fans.

The former EXO member shared his own experience with sasaengs and even issued a stern warning against them through the controversial single.

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