'Monster Hunter XX' Tops Sales in Japan Once Again, but When is its US Release?

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.20

Capcom's "Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)" continues to be the king of the sales charts in Japan this week, while fans in the West are still patiently waiting for the game to be released outside the country.

According to the latest Media Create sales charts (via Nintendo Everything), the Nintendo 3DS title sold 43,941 units between Apr. 10 – 16.

The sales figures for "Monster Hunter XX" remain strong even after a month from its initial Japanese release, having spent a few weeks on top of the sales charts in Japan, according to MCV.

While the game already sold 1,366,093 units in Japan, it is still yet to beat the sales figures of its predecessor, "Monster Hunter X" (known as "Monster Hunter Generations" in the West), which reached the 3 million sales milestone in just one month, Gamespot reported.

Here are the top ten games in Japan in terms of sales (weekly sales / lifetime sales):

1. [Nintendo 3DS] "Monster Hunter XX" – 43,941 / 1,366,093

2. [Nintendo Switch] "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" – 20,888 / 375,291

3. [Nintendo 3DS] "Mario Sports Superstars" – 10,698 / 61,879

4. [Nintendo Switch] "1-2-Switch" – 10,048 / 176,368

5. [PS4] "NieR: Automata" – 6,265 / 300,959

6. [PS4] "Ghost Recon Wildlands" – 6,022 / 159,430

7. [PS4] "LEGO Worlds" – 5,157 / 16,735

8. [PS4] "Horizon Zero Dawn" – 4,983 / 201,643

9. [Nintendo 3DS] "Pokemon Sun/Moon" – 4,773 / 3,241,599

10. [Nintendo Wii U] "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" – 4,740 / 100,546

"Monster Hunter XX" Western Release Date?

Meanwhile, "Monster Hunter" fans in the West are still waiting for the localisation of "Monster Hunter XX." However, it is still uncertain if this game is ever going to be released outside Japan at all.

According to Japanese site Esuteru (as summarized by NEOGaf member zeromcd73), Capcom has talked about Monster Hunter 4 G's low sales in the West, stating that "the handheld market is only 10% of the dedicated video game market compared to Japan where handhelds are popular." 

However, Capcom is still trying to market the "Monster Hunter" franchise in the West, so there is still a huge chance that "Monster Hunter XX" will make it outside Japan. On the flip side, that might still take a while, so fans should not hold their breath for a Western release for "Monster Hunter XX" anytime soon.

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