GFriend Interview: “We Would Not Be Able To Make Debut Without Members”

By Julia / 2017.04.20

The Star had an interview with GFriend about the secret of their success.

The six-member girl group is considered a phenomenon in the South Korean entertainment industry. Despite coming from a small company, the group won several awards and nominations, including “Best New Female Artist” in 2015. 

Even though they are not from the three largest Korean entertainment companies SM-JYP-YG, the GFriend confidently say that “We have received sufficient training lessons and the training center is not small.”

GFriend has gained great success by recording successive hits since their debut. The Star asked if there was any difference between the time of the group’s debut and now, Yerin said. "there is no difference in the attitude of the companies and the way they treat us then and now." 

“When did you start to realize that you become popular?” 

“There were only few people on the fan cafe from company staff, families but now there are more than thousands of people, so I felt that lots of people love us,” said Eunha. "I feel good when our songs are coming out from the street shops," Yerin added.

Regarding the fact that the girl group started with a small company, some members feel sorry that they don’t have senior singers to help and guide them when they made their first steps. "I was envious of others who have lots of senior singers in the same company and they take care of the youngers at the station,” Sowon said. "I thought if I had young members come, I will love them more."

"There is a great advantage if you have a senior because that senior’s fans would take care of the same younger singers in the same company and write good reviews for you, it would be better than nothing” the singer added.

Sowon was a trainee at DSP Entertainment. When the GFriend was in the top rank, Rainbow took care of her. "When I was in the DSP, the Rainbow seniors really took care of me and I was able to learn many things from them. It is a sad thing that there is no senior in our company.” 

However, Sowon became the leader of the team and she confessed that this position challenged her to be more mature.

"When I was young, I did not like what my sisters did, but when I became a sister, I realized the responsibility of a sister. I learned a lot when I was in the position of leader. I am the youngest in my family and used to it. But I became more mature and responsible now, and my family also testified it. I’m very grateful that I can learn many things when I live with members,” she expressed her gratitude toward members. 

Despite being on top rank at moment, the road to success was not always smooth for the group. A member who was practicing together before their debut suddenly left the company, and her debut was postponed. The group experienced frustration and had a hard time. But GFriend endured and overcame difficulty to accomplish their dream. 

"I was able to hold on and continue this path because other members were with me. I was deeply frustrated when our debut was canceled. But we encouraged each other a lot. Without them, we would not have made our debut.”

Sewon shared her thought about the group name ‘GFriend’ that "I was confused after hearing the name at first, but I think it is good and unique name and it seems easy to remember," she said. 

The six girls who made their debut as a GFriend are now in their third year in the group. Except Sowon, the other five girl members (Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji) start their twentieth this year.

SinB shared "I always wanted to have sisters because I only have one brother. But now I have a lot of older sisters and very happy about it. It also became great strength to have friends at the same age in the same team. I feel so good about it.”

Umji shared her opinion about the difference between an adult and a teenager, "The difference is that when you are a teen, you buy things online with your parents’ account but things changed now." She also said that she had dinner with her company members on January 1, when she became an adult.

GFriend is preparing to join this year's KCON USA in New York, marking the third time the group performs at the event.

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