'Persona 5' Guide: How to Defeat New Game+'s Secret Boss [Spoiler]

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.19

Players who are starting on New Game + in "Persona 5" should get ready for the game's secret boss.

Triggering the Secret Boss Fight

Warning: Major spoiler ahead. If you haven't finished your first playthrough yet then proceed with caution.

There is an secret boss fight in "Persona 5" that will only appear during the second playthrough of the game (New Game +.) Some would say it's optional as it is not part of the game, however, it is essential for trophy hunters since completing the fight will earn you the "Beyond Rehabilitation" hidden trophy.

The secret boss can be found in Mementos, just outside the door leading to the Velvet Room. Yes, as with other "Persona" titles, you will be facing off against the assistants of the Velvet Room: Caroline and Justine. And just like the previous assistants, they can be pretty hard to beat.

Caroline and Justine Boss Fight Tips and Strategies

The Twin Wardens each have a hefty 8000 HP and no weaknesses. They will attack you in three phases, each phase stronger than the last:

Phase 1: Physical Spells (both melee and gun attacks)

Phase 2: Elemental Spells: Fire, Ice, Wind, and Electric

Phase 3: Strong Spells: Nuclear, Psyo, Light, and Dark elements

Here are some important things to remember when fighting the twins:

- The twins will most likely hit the party members' weaknesses, so be ready to swap out members often and have someone heal the party regularly.

- One win will cast Diarahan on the other twin ONCE if their HP drops below 50%.If you kill one twin, the other will revive it using Recarm. The key here is to defeat both twins at the same time.

- Casting buffs and debuffs will cause the twins to use Dekunda and Dekaja, effectively wasting their turn and buying your party time.
- Every six turns, if you don't damage the twins enough, they can knock down the whole party and wipe you out with an All-Out Attack.
- Most players recommend using Persona Yoshitsune to conquer the twins. Here's how to create the ideal Yoshitsune for this battle. 

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