'Persona 5' Guide: How to Fuse the Powerful Persona Yoshitsune

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.19

There are a lot of powerful Persona at your disposal in "Persona 5," but you may want to create one which is immune to physical attacks and is strong against multiple elements. For that purpose, Tower Persona Yoshitsune is your best bet.

Yoshitsune: Introduction

Even in its "vanilla" form, Yoshitsune already boasts quite an impressive number of resistances: it is immune to physical attacks, strong against fire and repels both electric and bless skills. It also does not have any apparent weaknesses.

So why should we need to make Yoshitsune more formidable than its basic fusion form? It is simple: Yoshitsune is your key to easy victory against the new game +'s secret boss.

Yoshitsune Super-Fusion

The goal here is to add more resistances to Yoshitsune, as well as get its strength to a respectable figure.

For starters, you would need the strongest Persona for the following arcana: Chariot, Lovers, Magician, Judgment and Moon. To do this, your relationships with Ryuji, Ann and Mishima should reach Max Rank. (Magician and Judgment progresses automatically throughout the game).

How to Fuse Yoshitsune

Thanks to Game Informer, we can now craft the ideal anti- secret boss weapon. . Remember, these are fairly high level Personas we will be making here, so either power level your way to level 98 at least, or get Strength arcana to Max level so you can buy your way to higher level Personas.

To make the ultimate Yoshitsune, follow the steps below:

- Get Futsunushi with Repel Curse by fusing a level 78 Sandalphon with Narcissus
- Get Yatagarasu with Drain Ice by fusing a level 98 Satan with High Pixie
- Get Gabriel with Drain Wind and Drain Psy by fusing Ishtar with Level 90 Chi You
- Get Kali by fusing Gabriel (see above) with Atropos, then level up to level 82 to learn Drain Nuke
- Fuse Kali with Silky to obtain Okuninushi, inheriting Drain Psy, Drain Wind, Drain Nuke
- Get Arahabaki and Shiki-Ouji via normal fusion methods

Go to Group Guillotine and fuse Yoshitsune by combining all Personas highlighted above, making sure to inherit all resistances.Finally, have Yoshitsune learn Hassou Tobi by levelling it up to 86, ignoring other skills before it.

To supplement Yoshitsune's strength, equip Metatron's itemized form God of Destruction, a gun which gives +5 to all stats, and rare Treasure Demon Crystal Skull's itemized form, the Crystal Skull accessory, which gives another +5 to stats.

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