PlayStation 4 4.5X Cracked and Jailbroken by Luca Todesco; Is the Console not Secured Enough?

By C. de Lacy / 2017.04.19

After finally throwing the towel in jailbreaking the latest iOS builds mainly due to the community's “idiocy,” Luca Todesco shifts his attention on other things like the PlayStation 4. The hacker did the same thing with the Nintendo Switch before and it seems like his talent may be put to use with an entirely different and broader stroke with the gamers.

In Todesco's latest tweet, a slightly vague announcement about his work on the PlayStation 4, particularly versions 4.5, indicates that he already “pwnd” the firmware. The tweet is as follows;

There's no telling, however, if this could actually mean a lot in the gaming scene, though a number of followers became curious as to what it will do. Cracking the PlayStation 4 system is quite a feat and even more so with the recent versions, which a lot started asking about with 4.55.

Still, like how he used to be with the iOS jailbreak tools, the entire thing could also be kept for himself and for bragging rights. There's no mention that it will go in public or what features it could even bring like the ability to play backups, custom firmware, and homebrew apps.

It was an interesting matter since a more prominent site called, dedicated to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA jailbreaking, don't even have any substantial update for later firmware versions. The only jailbroken firmware is 1.76 and lower. Those using firmware 4.05 can look forward to several hacking teams, though none of these groups are even close to releasing any exploit tool.

A couple of days ago, Luca Todesco's hacking talent was further showcased when he was able to somehow “attack” the Nintendo Switch's security. Several sites referred to it as him, being able to jailbreak the console, but it was, in fact, a means of testing the mettle of Nintendo's new console security features.

It could be very much the same with the PlayStation 4 and it could serve as a way to measure the console's security capability. There's little to no chance that people will see any usable purpose for this that will allow them to play back up games, but knowing that he managed to do so increases the chances of Sony's awareness and knowledge of any potential backdoors and patch it up for the owners' sake.

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