iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Alternatives Guide: Downloads that Disappoint, Harm, & Should be Avoided

By C. de Lacy / 2017.04.19

The Internet has no shortage of iOS 10.3 jailbreak searches, alleged tools, or even hacks that still extend to the few revisions of 10.2.X. Unfortunately, several misguided users could end up messing up their devices instead of actually unlocking it for new features. Here are some tips to avoid these unnecessary problems and along with them, some actually working alternatives.

Browsing the internet and searching for anything related to iOS jailbreak, especially the latest versions could prove to be a bit tedious, especially with the fact that users keep seeing the same exact rumors and stories. However, there's still a good number of opportunists that try to take advantage of those who are desperate enough to get their devices jailbroken without the need for any proper research. This usually ends in a bad way like installing spyware, ransomware and down to totally bricking their devices in the process.

These misguided attempts at jailbreaking usually roots from other people disguising as well-known figures in the jailbreaking scene. Names like Pangu, TaiG and even Luca Todesco often gets involved while the actual people behind these names could wildly vary.

Below are the official sites for the hacking teams, which indicates that nobody is nowhere near releasing a properly working iOS jailbreak tool for versions 10.2.X or 10.3;



Luca Todesco

Right now, there are dozens of fake iOS jailbreak tools widespread on the internet. Some on dedicated domains while others plague YouTube. It would be a rule of thumb to try to avoid these as they don't usually work and even comes with some unwanted extra baggage.

At the moment, the iOS jailbreak scene seems bleak. Fortunately, not all hope is lost as there are viable alternatives, like the use of vShare to try out to all kinds of apps, paid or not, supported or non-supported for the AppStore, modded and more.

There are a couple of Cydia-like suites that attempt to bring such features, though there hardly is anything that actually comes close. These solutions are often better than trying to brute force the system and jailbreak the device with a tool that isn't even intent of the user's welfare to begin with.

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