Series Creator Junichi Masuda's 'Pokémon Stars' Tweet is Confusing, Funny, and Disappointing

By C. de Lacy / 2017.04.19

A lot of people almost lost their minds over a recent “Pokémon Stars” tweet from Gamefreak's 'Pokémon' Composer, Director, and Producer, Junichi Masuda. The tweet mentioned the title along with the actual news article with, though despite being a legitimate news, fans might need to give it a second look to eventually end in disappointment.

At first glance, Junichi Masuda's recent tweet about “Pokémon Stars” or what people have started to believe as the game's title, brought a lot of mixed reaction. Several fans were a bit skeptical about the possibility of the account being a fake, though it isn't.

The tweet reads “POKÉMON-STARS KOMMEN IN DIE SCHWEIZ MASUDA & OHMORI AN DER POLYMANGA IN MONTREUX,” which translates to POKÉMON STARS coming to Switzerland MASUDA & OHMORI on POLYMANGA IN MONTREUX” via bing's translation tool. The “STARS” part caught a lot of people's attention since it sounded as if the game is headed to Switzerland, which already sounds a bit odd.

The funny part about the entire deal is that several communities got it confused with the actual heavily-rumored “Pokémon Stars” that several fans believe to be the third entry in the 7th generation of the mainline series following “Sun” and “Moon.” Apparently, both the twitter account and the news site it was linked with were legitimate, though it could have used better word choices.

The term “Pokémon Stars” was actually referring to Masuda and Ohmori's visit on PolyManga event in Montreux, Switzerland. The stars actually pertain to the two head honchos of the franchise, being the celebrities themselves, hence “the pokémon stars.”

It wasn't quite clear if both Masuda or the news site were trying to troll those who have been anticipating the game, but at least, fans could take this joke lightly or they could even perceive it as a hint that Gamefreak is well aware of the fans' itch in getting the game that will expand the base 7th generation titles. In the end, there's still no solid proof of “Pokémon Stars” development status.

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