'Cascadia:' Mod for 'Fallout 4' is Still More Exciting than VR Support

By C. de Lacy / 2017.04.19

'Fallout 4' VR is a feature that every fan of the series have always been looking for, especially as its arrival draws closer. However, the "Cascadia" mod might just steal the spotlight with its sheer size that could even be potentially bigger than all expansions combined with equal production value.

Already being claimed as the “Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog” of virtual reality, “Fallout 4” is about to get its charm to the gamers rekindled with the upcoming VR support. According to Destructoid's report, AMD is already trying to shift all the attention possible to the feature, which is expected to come around this year. The elimination of wires is also something that Roy Taylor, vice president of AMD, think of as another game changer.

However, without a lot to look forward to besides the slight doubts of vomit-inducing experience or the surprisingly great revisiting to Commonwealth, the lack of major expansions could still push players to hold back for a purchase. Fortunately, there's the “Cascadia” mod, which is still under development.

The mod has been under development for more than a year now after it first made its presence known back in May of 2016. The biggest known mod in development has been under steady development even up to this day and with tons of new features, items, quests, story, gameplay and an entirely new expansive map could. Cascadia uses exclusive assets to deliver a unique post-apocalyptic Seattle.

The mod for “Fallout 4” will re-introduce players to the infamous group known as NCR from previous “Fallout” games as well as other new factions. All these groups, activities and exploration will be spanning through Seattle, Mercer Island, Redmond, Bellevue as well as Sea-Tac in almost the same size of the map for “Fallout 3.”

Sure, “Fallout 4” with VR features is something to get excited about, especially if it is pulled off properly. Merely removing wires may not be enough to significantly improve the overall experience, but at least, with “Cascadia” just in the horizon, there's a bit more fire left to be burned out with the game, which even comes free-of-charge.

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