Howard and Bernadette Struggle with Parenthood in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10

By Diana T. / 2017.04.19

The upcoming episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 will test the marriage of Howard and Bernadette Wolowitz as they face the struggles that come with modern parenting.                                          

In the previous episode entitled “The Separation Agitation,” Bernadette felt burdened after leaving Halley at the daycare for the first time. Similarly, she felt guilty for choosing to return to work despite Howard’s suggestion that she’d stay home with their daughter.

Bernadette insisted that Halley should learn independence as early as now. But despite following her own will, the working mom became emotional about leaving her daughter under the care of other people as per EW.

Howard, on the other hand, played the supportive husband and even skipped his work to spend the day with Halley. He, along with Stuart, enjoyed a trip at the Aquarium while Bernadette tried to focus on her work.

It can be recalled that Bernadette went through the same emotional distress during her pregnancy with the little Wolowitz. In fact, “The Big Bang Theory” did a great job in representing real-life struggles of first-time parents through Howard and Bernadette.

As the current installment continues, Mr. and Mrs. Wolowitz will continue adjusting to parenthood on top of their hectic careers.

Meanwhile, “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 is expanding the character arc of Bert who now has a girlfriend. Rebecca, played by April Bowlby, finally met the gang in the previous episode of the CBS show.

During the meeting, Sheldon was quick to compare Bert and Rebecca to Leonard and Penny.

“She's younger and far more attractive than he is. Ha! They're copying you too,” he exclaimed.

While Bert is in cloud nine with Rebecca, Rajesh will likely extend his residence at Leonard and Penny’s apartment which obviously will make Sheldon uncomfortable even if he is living across the hall with Amy.

Catch “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 airs every Thursday on CBS.

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