‘Bates Motel’ Season 5, Episode 10: A Tragic Finale Awaits the Bates Family

By Riezel O. / 2017.04.19

The Bates family will face a more tragic situation in the upcoming finale episode of the American psychological drama “Bates Hotel” Season 5.

As revealed by Freddie Highmore, playing the lead character of Norman Bates, fans can expect more tragedy in the family as the series comes to an end. Still, he hinted that the episode will be nothing short of spectacular.

“We knew at the end of season three that it was going to be finished up, but I think it was great because it was effectively about this dysfunctional family and there’s only so much zigzagging you can do before you get to the tragic ending that everyone expects from Psycho,” Highmore revealed as reported by Express.

It is worth noting that the series is a contemporary prequel and reimagining of the 1960s film “Psycho,” by Alfred Hitchcock. The film depicts the story of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), who seems to be dominated by his mother and is the one who manages their motel called “The Bates Hotel.”

Towards the end of the film, Norman has been convicted of murder for killing a number of people including Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), a Phoenix office worker who tried to embezzle $40,000 from her employer. It was also revealed that the personality of Norman’s mother had completely taken over him that he didn’t believe he was the one responsible for the killings.

In Season 4, fans have witnessed how the series finally caught up with the film especially the scene where Norman exhumed the dead body of his mother (Vera Farmiga) so he could preserved it.

“Bates Motel” Season 5 episode 10 “The Chord” is scheduled to air on Apr. 24 as revealed by The Futon Critic. It is directed by Tucker Gates, written by Kerry Ehrin.

The series will be available on DVD in October, 2017 and will air on Netflix in February, 2018.

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