Is it the End for Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards’ Season 5?

By Diana T. / 2017.04.19

The upcoming “House of Cards” Season 5 will put an end to the uncertainties of Kevin Spacey’s fate as Frank Underwood.

Speculations about Spacey’s departure from the political series came after his character failed to handle a hostage crisis in the final episode of the previous installment.

Instead of containing the Islamic Caliphate Organization, the POTUS made a reckless move against the enemies in hopes to protect his post. Hence, his announcement of an all-out war against the rival has put the United States in a more chaotic situation.

Not only that, Frank will also step up his game against his political rivals to extend his residence in the White House. Spacey’s character will try to stop Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) from stealing the presidential post.

However, several fan theories are pointing out that “House of Cards” Season 5 could be the end for Frank’s reign. Independent cited that the shady president will likely meet his sentence for playing dirty politics.

Although these are merely assumptions, an analyst previously said that Spacey was considering of leaving the role because of the compensation.

Reports stated the veteran actor is reportedly earning $15 million per season, in which he reportedly said was not enough given the show’s impressive performance on Netflix.

“That says to me Spacey believes his future with Netflix is short-term, meaning it shouldn’t be surprising if Underwood gets killed off,” Rich Tullo said.

Adding fuel to the fire was Beau Willimon’s sudden departure from his creation. The “House of Cards” showrunner has worked side by side with Spacey who is also one of the executive producers of the political series.

Amidst reports of Spacey’s possible exit from “House of Cards,” fans and critics are leaning on Robin Wright’s role as a potential candidate to take over her husband’s seat.

Similarly, viewers were able to witness a surprising ending of the fourth installment wherein the first lady broke the fourth wall with Frank. Could this mean Claire will follow the footsteps of Frank in “House of Cards” Season 5?

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