What to Expect from ‘My Secret Romance’ Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.04.19

The newest OCN drama series titled “My Secret Romance” has started airing its first two episodes last April 17 and 18, and seemed like audiences gave rave reviews about it.

“My Secret Romances” is the first romance-themed series aired in cable channel OCN. It was also streamed in the Warner Bros. VOD service, DramaFever which means, the series will be available for streaming simultaneously in United States and other foreign countries.  

“Television production in Korea is consistently raising the bar and delivering stories that transcend country and language barriers,” Suk Park, president and co-founder of DramaFever stated. “We look forward to bringing our insight and expertise regarding both Korean drama formats and the U.S. television market to this fast-growing genre to create significant and memorable content.”

The 12-episode TV series stars “Oh My Venus” star Sung Hoon and Secret’s member Song Ji Eun as a couple who engaged in a passionate romance briefly and struggles to show their genuine feeling after meeting three years later.

Meanwhile, Ji Eun and Sung Hoon have recently collaborated for their drama’s official theme song titled “Same.” Fans have noted how the on-screen couple’s voices have blended together which is a plus for their team up.

On the upcoming episode, fans will get to know about Sung Hoon and Ji Eun’s characters Cha Jin Wook and Lee Yoo Mi as they struggle to hide their previous passionate meeting.

In the previous episode, after Jin Wook and Yoo Mi’s passionate encounter, three years have passed and showed how both the characters have matured and became successful. Jin Wook is now taking responsibility in corporate world while Yoo Mi became a cafeteria chef. However, the two characters are bound to meet as they worked in the same company.

“My Secret Romance” airs every Monday and Tuesday via OCN or DramaFever.

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