Katakuri and Big Mom to Face the Horde of Luffy Clones in 'One Piece' Chapter 863; Monkey D. Dragon to Appear?

By Kaye Chang / 2017.04.18

It looks like Big Mom's plan to assassinate Sanji and the whole Vinsmoke family will not go as expected. Because of her failure, it is now Luffy's chance to execute his assassination plan in the next chapter of the "One Piece" manga.

Since Pudding cannot wait to get her hands on Sanji, she tried petrifying him with her third eye before planting a bullet in his head. However, due to Sanji's raw adoration of Pudding, it caused insecurities to the bride, making her plans failed.

Even Katakuri's counterattack did not go well against Sanji's Observation Haki. Katakuri cannot even use his clairvoyant ability and was not able to foresee what was about to happen, thanks to the many clones of Luffy while attacking Big Mom.

After Katakuri dared to shoot a jellybean at Yanji, there is a possible confrontation between the two. Since Sanji vow not to fight a woman, Katakuri is the most ideal opponent for him in the wedding.

Chances are, Katakuri will also face the captain of the Straw Hat crew. Due to the horde of the Luffy clones, it's hard for short-term prophet to see what will happen in the future.

There is also a big chance for Luffy to meet Monkey D. Dragon in the "One Piece" Chapter 863 manga. Based on the video released by Epic Journey TV, Monkey D. Dragon will reveal to Luffy some things that he did not know. The meeting will happen after the assassination of Yonkou.

We all know how powerful Monkey D. Dragon is and how he can use the weather to his liking. He also possesses a powerful weapon known as the Devil Fruit.

During the meeting, Monkey D. Dragon will tell Luffy the real reason why he left the pirate. He will also convince Luffy to join him and his plans to take down the world government.

However, it seems that Luffy will reject Monkey D. Dragon's invitation knowing that he wants to pursue his own dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates. There are also rumors that Monkey D. Dragon will let Luffy know what happened to his mother. If this is true, there will be a new arc to feature Luffy's mother.

"One Piece" Chapter 863 will come out in the next issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump."

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