Is Justin Theroux Jealous Over Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Talking Again?

By Michelle Guanzon / 2017.04.19

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are reportedly exchanging friendly texts, putting an end to their bad blood, but Justin Theroux looked unhappy and furious about this.

Page Six reported that Pitt has been sending text messages to his ex-wife, Aniston, who is currently married to Theroux.

A source close to the “Allied” actor claimed that Pitt and Aniston have been texting and keeping in touch for a while now, but noted that it was just a friendly demeanor and nothing else.

However, US Weekly did not put it that way as the magazine wrote how he is clinging and running to his ex-wife, sharing how he is having a hard time with his marriage with Angelina Jolie and even reported that the actor shared some few texts about his relationship with Aniston.

Shortly after this news, Aniston’s current husband Theroux has been reported to be totally furious and was alleged to have sent a warning message to Brad Pitt. The text message reportedly contained message saying Aniston belonged to him only and warned Pitt to keep away from his wife.

An evidence of the actor’s ill sentiments to his wife’s ex-husband has reportedly been captured in a photo posted in Instagram. “The Leftovers” actor has shared a graffiti portrait by Nick Flatt which has dozens of phrases scribbled all over a wall. According to a source, one of the phrases contained “F*ck Brad Pitt.”

 “This is Justin’s way of telling Brad to back off from his wife.”

However, Gossip Cop dissed the issue and claimed Justin Theroux did not sent a message to Brad Pitt for him to stay away from his wife, Jennifer Aniston. Theroux also said that he is not an eleven-year-old kid who puts things this way based on his Instagram photo caption saying, “#currentelectionmood #berlin #graffiti #fuckingnickflatt #andNOthispostisNOT'shading'anyonebecauseimnotelevemyearsoldimeanseriously #okaymaybepickles.”

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