'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Will Android 17 Refuse Son Goku's Offer? Another Character Set to Debut

By Kaye Chang / 2017.04.18

Fans cannot wait to see the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" now that it was hinted that Son Goku might be engaged in a battle as he tries to convince Android 17 to be a part of the Universe 7 team. After a series of episodes with no ultimate fight scenes, the battle between Android 17 and Goku is keeping fans on their seats.

According to spoilers, Son Goku will soon find Android 17 as an animal reserve ranger. Since this will be the very first time that the two will be facing each other again since they last met, there are speculations that the fight between the two will be one of the longest in the "Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival" arc.

At the beginning of their meeting, Android 17 will show no interest with Son Goku's offer, giving the Saiyan a hard time convincing their old nemesis. Spoilers suggest that in order to convince Android 17, the two will engage in a deal of whoever should win their duel will make the final decision.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that another character from "Dragon Ball Z" will show up in "Dragon Ball Super." Dende will inform Son Goku that there is another warrior, a very powerful one, whom he would like to meet, as reported by Otaku Kart.

Dende also added that this very strong boy is raised in a nearby village. The boy is very skilled at martial arts and Son Goku can help make him stronger by training him to release his natural potential.

Although Goku will be a bit confused with Dende's last statement and request, Dende will reveal the truth behind it. The strong boy is none other than the pure-hearted Majin Buu's reincarnation.

If you are a fan of "Dragon Ball Z," you are guessing the right person. That is no other than Uub.

Even if there is no confirmation yet on whether Uub will really appear in "Dragon Ball Super" or whether he will meet Son Goku or not, Uub's addition to the Universe 7 team is a great advantage for the group.

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