Secrets are Set to be Revealed in 'Attack on Titan' Season 2 [SPOILERS]

By Kaye Chang / 2017.04.18

As predicted by many fans, "Attack on Titan" Season 2 would follow the manga series after the delay of three years. Other than the introduction of the Beast Titan, its ten-episode sequel will offer a lot of shocking truths and revelations.

The Beast Titan is no other than Eren's halfbrother, Zeke Yeager. Before Grisha Yeager met Carla Yeager and before the Titans attacked the walls, Grisha Yeager bear a half-royal son by the name of Zeke Yeager. According to the Otaku Kart, there is no information yet whether the Beast Titan's role in the anime version will change: Whether the Titan will be an enemy or an ally.

Krista will play a significant role in "Attack on Titan" Season 2 as her family name Reiss would create more trouble for the residence on the walls and for Eren himself.

With Krista making a big role in “Attack on Titan” Season 2, the true identity of the Titans that wants to destroy the remaining residence of the walls will be revealed. Other than Ymir, the true identity of the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan will be revealed.

The true royal family of the Walls, the Reiss, and descendants of the ancient Fritz family has a secret which will be out soon. For around a century they possessed the Founding Titan and the lost memories of mankind which they passed down generation to generation. The heir will undergo a ritual to be a Titan and will eat the previous Titan to gain the power.

Eren will be captured by the Reiss. The story of how Eren acquired his Titan-shifting ability will also be revealed by Ros in order to gain the sympathy and trust of Krista.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 airs every Saturday in various broadcasting networks in Japan. It is also available to be streamed online via Crunchyroll, FUNinamation, and Hulu.

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