'Dead Island 2' Still in the Works, Says Sumo Digital Job Posting

By Jazz Rosin / 2017.04.14

Despite no recent updates, Sumo Digital is confirmed to be still working on "Dead Island 2."

Fans have been wondering about what happened to the development of "Dead Island 2" after it was passed on from Yager Development to Sumo Digital in 2016, with some speculating that the game is already cancelled.

However, a recent job posting at Sumo Digital has confirmed that "Dead Island 2" is very much alive, take a look at the statement below:

"We are also incredibly proud to be working on the highly anticipated 'Crackdown 3' (Xbox One) and 'Dead Island 2' (multi-platform) plus several other exciting but yet unannounced projects."

Sumo Digital also declared 2017 to be their "biggest and best year ever," probably with the impending release of "Crackdown 3." The studio is aiming for a Holiday release this year, according to IGN.

As for unannounced projects, the job posting also confirmed that Sumo Digital is apparently working on another AAA first-person shooter title, and is revealed to be currently in pre-production.The team is looking for a QA tester with "experience with FPS action and combat games."

UK-basesd studio Sumo Digital has recently made the news for bringing out the Nintendo Switch version of "Snake Pass" in an astonishing timeframe, having only seen the new console for the first time in December last year.

"We got the code across onto Switch - or at least certain parts of it - in a matter of hours, so we started becoming more confident that we could achieve what we wanted and within the timescales we were looking at," Sumo Digital's business development director Ian Richardson told Games Industry. "Within seven days, we had it fully playable."

With other console versions of "Snake Pass" undergoing fine-tuning at the moment, plus the upcoming release of "Crackdown 3," 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for Sumo Digital, just like they said. News about "Dead Island 2" may be scarce right now, but at least fans know that the game is still coming.

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