‘Fast and Furious 8’ Star Charlize Theron and Vin Diesel's Kissing Scene was 'Insane,' Says Actress

By Maolen E. / 2017.04.15

Charlize Theron shared what happened when she and Vin Diesel shot the kissing scene for “Fast and Furious 8.”

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the 41-year-old American actress appeared to be slightly infuriated as she talked about the kiss scene that Diesel has depicted as the "biggest moment in trailer history.”

In “Fast and Furious 8,” Theron plays a criminal mastermind and cyberterrorist, named Cipher, who corrupts Dominic Toretto (Diesel) into working against his allies. The kiss they shared in the trailer is basically one-sided with the former forcing the latter to press his lips against hers.

"I just don't get it," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Theron as saying. "I mean, you can see it. My hand is forcing his face, which is what the movie's about. He's in love with Letty, Michelle Rodriguez's character. I'm the crazy chick that's doing this horrible thing to him and, as he should've, his character is just standing there frozen, like a dead fish.”

“That's what I was kissing, and he's literally going around, saying that I had the best time of my life. ... It's insane!" Theron continued in disbelief. "I like a little bit more movement in my men. We're confusing reality with fiction. It looks like I'm assaulting his face with my mouth."

This comes after Diesel endlessly talked about the said kiss scene, saying that he was sure Theron had a good time as well.

"I was definitely not complaining,” Diesel told USA Today. “Charlize Theron is not a bad kissing partner to have. Do I know she enjoyed it? Oh, my God, yeah. A kiss cannot lie, lips don’t lie. No, they didn’t. She owned it."

Also known as “The Fate of the Furious,” “Fast and Furious 8” premiered on April 14, Friday. It is expected to earn somewhere between $375-440 million in its five-day opening weekend.

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