Get to Know All-American K-Pop Group EXP EDITION in ‘Feel Like This’ MV Teaser

By Diana T. / 2017.04.14

No, EXP EDITION is not your average K-pop band.

This four-member boy group is consists of young American artists who wish to venture the Korean wave. In April 2015, the US-based K-pop band officially made their debut with the release of their English-Korean single titled “Luv/Wrong."

Previously named EXP, the boys performed their debut track at a residential neighborhood in New York City in hopes to be the first of its kind. NBC reported the boy group was originally formed to test a thesis project.

Bora Kim started “I’m Making a Boy Band” project to explore the global commercial success of Korean music. She was later joined by two other Asians whom she met while taking her master’s degree in Columbia.

"To many people in the world, K-pop is a new type of culture," Kim said. "We serve as something that makes people think about what K-pop is and what K-pop idol groups could be."  

The three of them held a series of auditions where they selected the EXP EDITION members from a pool of hopefuls. Although Kim and the boys successfully caught the attention of K-pop fanatics, the all-American band also received a storm of criticism for allegedly imitating Korea’s EXO.

"The purpose of all this is to explore what K-pop and what K-pop fandom. It's not about making parodies,” Kim explained.

EXP EDITION members, on the other hand, were not spared from racial criticisms online. In fact, one them said it was “exciting and scary” to get this much attention.

But despite drawing backlash from K-pop fans, Kim acknowledged the fact that these people are only trying to protect the culture. "We're still figuring out how to communicate with these commenters,” she added.

Similarly, the American members learned the Korean language to level up their post after moving to Seoul just recently. Unlike their debut song “Luv/Wrong,” EXP EDITION’s third release “Feel Like This” is almost entirely in the foreign language.

The all-American K-pop boy group finally dropped a teaser video of the song ahead of the release.

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