Westbrook is Not the MVP, Harden is

By Fred Richardson / 2017.04.10

According to Darryl Morey, GM of the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook’s historic triple double night was not enough for him to earn MVP honors.  In a series of tweets, Morey tried to make a case for the Rocket’s own James Harden to win the award.

Morey tweeted out a diagram showing an “MVP Zone” which shows the team’s win rank on one side and the individual player’s combined total points and points from assists on the other side.  Both Westbrook and Harden are clearly shown above other MVPs and MVP candidates of years past with over 4500 combined total points and points from assists.  However, only Harden is in the “MVP Zone” since his Rockets rank 3rd in the NBA in wins, while Westbrook is well outside the “MVP Zone” since his Oklahoma City Thunder rank 10th in the NBA in wins.  

No MVP has since 1997 has been on a team that ranked less than fourth in wins.  

Westbrook historic season includes averaging a triple-double, a feat not seen since Oscar Robertson did it 55 years ago.  Westbrook put an exclamation mark on his season in the Thunder’s win over the Denver Nuggets, by hitting a buzzer beating game winner and passing Robertson with 42 triple double games in a season.

Meanwhile, Morey made reference to the arbitrary nature of the triple-double stat saying, “If we might make someone MVP because they have hit a random combo of numbers then why not this random combo?”  Morey linked statistics saying Harden joined Robertson as the only players to total 2000 points, 750 assists, and 500 rebounds in a season.

Both Westbrook and Harden have great MVP cases this season and it appears Morey is heavily backing his guy in the MVP race.


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